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The Milky Ring (Custom Print)

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The Milky Ring (Custom Print)

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The largest astrophotography competition in the world, Astronomy Photographer of the Year showcases the very best space photography from a global community of photographers.

An expanse of cosmic dust, stars and nebulae along the plane of our Milky Way galaxy form a beautiful ring in this image. The panorama covers the entire galaxy visible from planet Earth. It’s an ambitious 360-degree mosaic that took two years to complete. Northern hemisphere sites in China and southern hemisphere sites in New Zealand were used to collect the image data. Like a glowing jewel set in the Milky Way ring, the bulge of the galactic centre is at the very top. The bright planet Jupiter is the beacon just above the central bulge and to the left of the red giant star Antares. Along the plane and almost 180° from the galactic centre at the bottom of the ring is the area around Orion. The ring of the Milky Way encompasses two notable galaxies in the southern skies, the Magellanic Clouds. 
Zhong Wu

"This cosmic circle is one of the most breath-taking entries we saw this year. The balance of colours, from the glowing upper half of the ring, to the darker, moodier bottom half, seems to encompass a whole range of majesty and beauty.
The dedication of the photographer, who took almost two years to piece this picture together, must be applauded too."
- Imad Ahmed, Director of the New Crescent Society.

"A breathtaking 360 degree effect. Brought to mind the view of a galaxy as if eclipsed by a super massive black hole."
- Jon Culshaw, comedian, impersonator and regular guest on The Sky at Night.

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