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Sea Survival (Air Ministry Survival Guide)

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THE ULTIMATE SURVIVAL GUIDE for anyone who thinks they'd survive the world's most hostile environments - or at least imagine they could do. First issued to airmen in the 1950s, the Air Ministry's Sea Survival guide includes original and authentic emergency advice to crew operating over the ocean.

  • With original illustrations and text, these survival guides provide an insight to military survival techniques from a by-gone era.
  • Packed with original line drawings and instruction in: How to punch man-eating sharks. Which are 'cowards' | The pros and cons of drinking 'fish juice'| When to smoke
  • Focussing on one of the most challenging environments on Earth, Sea Survival is one of four reprints of The Air Ministry's emergency survival pamphlets, including Arctic Survival Guide
  • Paperback 
  • 64 pages

Just one of our book titles on Time, Navigation and Exploration at the National Maritime Museum. 

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