Icons: The Armada Portrait

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This illustrated guide gives an overview of the context, creation and significance of the Portrait, alongside evaluation of Elizabeth’s legacy. Additional material assesses discoveries made during the most recent conservation work on the Portrait. Christine Riding is former Senior Curator of Art at Royal Museums Greenwich.

· A compact guide which unpicks the significance of this great artwork.

· Reveals how the portrait has inspired and informed countless portrayals of Elizabeth I in film, theatre and television, making her one of the most recognisable historical figures today.

· Contains intricate analysis of the most recent conservation work undertaken.

The ‘Armada Portrait’ commemorates the most famous conflict of Elizabeth I’s reign. This iconic artwork was acquired for the nation following a joint appeal with the Art Fund, and is now on permanent display in the Queen’s House, in Greenwich, the birthplace of Elizabeth I. The Portrait is a complex, multi-layered representation of the iconography of Elizabeth I, as the ‘Empresse of the world’ and the ‘Virgin Queen’, but is also an outstanding historical document, summarising the hopes and aspirations of the state, as well as Elizabeth as its head, at a watershed moment in its history. 



206 x 155 mm

80 pages

20 colour illustrations





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